Re-Tweeting Ernest Shackleton


A century ago famed British explorer Ernest Shackleton was in the midst of his legendary Endurance expedition to the Antarctic. He and his crew had departed the U.K. in the summer of 1914, and headed south with grand schemes of crossing the Antarctic for the first time. But if you’re familiar with the story, you know that things didn’t go exactly as planned, and Shackleton and the rest of the crew faced one of the most challenging survival stories of all time.

Now, you can relive that amazing story through a series of tweets on Twitter. The Shackleton Company, a British travel and outdoor apparel manufacturer, is sharing entries from the famous explorer’s diary that correspond with the current date. For example, today’s entry says:

While a few days back we got this post:

These tweets add a bit of history to your Twitter feed, and give us some insight into what Shackleton and his men were going through in the Antarctic. Strangely enough, his diary entries seem tailor made for the 140 character format of Twitter. These entires have certainly been a worthy addition to my daily feed. I hope you enjoy them too.

Kraig Becker