Video: When We Were Knights – A Story of Friendship, Love, and Wingsuits

Last summer, Base Jumper and wingsuit pilot Ian Flanders died while jumping in Turkey. When he passed, he left behind a letter to his friend Matt Blank expressing his love for the life they lived and the adventure they had together.

This video is a visual translation of that letter that includes some incredible footage of the two men jumping and flying together. It is a reminder to do the things we love and pursue our passions, but also let those around us know just how much they mean to us too.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: When We Were Knights – A Story of Friendship, Love, and Wingsuits”

  1. Kraig – absolute awesome amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. So many life lessons in it. I am going to write about it this weekend on my blog. I have a question though, is the letter from Matt to Ian? At the very beginning of the video Matt says " Ian if you are reading this…" but there is another part where Matt reading the letter says: "You must go first…"
    I wondered if maybe during the filming he mixed up you and I and they did not edit it out.
    After watching, I figured that the letter was from Matt to Ian, and he was reading it as a tribute to Ian.

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