Nat Geo Gives Us 10 Places That Deserve More Visitors

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Still looking for a good destination for your next travel adventure? National Geographic is here to help. Travel writer Tara Isabella Burton has put together a great piece that shares 10 destinations that deserve more travelers, with some familiar and surprising places making the list.

Amongst the more unusual places that get a recommendation are Armenia, which is lauded for its history, rich culture, and natural attractions, and Kosovo, which offers fantastic hiking opportunities. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan lures visitors with its beautiful landscapes and restored ancient palaces, while Georgia is a growing outdoor sports mecca in Eastern Europe.

Other destinations that make the Nat Geo list include Nepal (an Adventure Blog fave), Iran (high on my list to visit), and East Timor, which falls in the Indonesian archipelago. I’ll leave the rest of the lit for you to discover, but lets just say each has its own unique attractions to draw us in.

The Nat Geo article provides readers with good information about the current situation on the ground in each of these countries, most of which have had tumultuous situations in the not so distant past. The author also gives us tips on what to see and do while visiting, as well as reasons why now is the right time to go. Considering that the majority of these destinations remain well off the beaten tourist track at this point, the mere fact that they aren’t especially crowded or over done should be reason enough to put the places on your radar.

To learn more about these places and read the entire article, click here.

Kraig Becker