Video: Introducing the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride 2016

Looking for a good cycling challenge and a fun adventure for 2016? Why not join the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride held in Australia each year. The nine-day event features more than 5000 riders, who roll along a 550 km (341 mile) course that not only passes through the Grampian region of Oz, but rolls along the Great Ocean Road as well. The video below gives you an idea of what to expect in this fully supported ride. Adults can join in on the fun for $995, which includes meals, luggage transport, support out on the road, and a host of other benefits. Looks like a great event. I need to head back Down Under to join the peloton at some point.


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  1. I have the Great Vic 9 times. It was my introduction to Cycle Touring. I highly recommend it as a great social cycling event.

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