Video: Kilian Jornet Runs Alaska’s Mt. Marathon

This video takes us to Seward, Alaska to witness one of the most unique races on the planet. Seward is home to Mt. Marathon, which is described as “one of the oldest, fastest, hardest, toughest… and shortest mountain races in the world.”

The race is held each July 4, and last year world-class runners Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg were on hand to take place in the event, bringing their own unique skills along with them. You’ll get a first hand look at Seward, the race, and these great athletes below. It is something to behold.

On a side note, I was in Seward last year on the day of the race. To say it was an electric atmosphere would be an understatement. I enjoyed reliving it through this clip. I hope you like it oo.