Men’s Journal and Victorinox Declare October 14 a National Day of Adventure

Mark your calendars. Friday, October 14, 2016, has been declared the first-ever National Day of Adventure, and we’re all being encouraged to participate.

Last week, Men’s Journal and Victorinox Swiss Army – makers of some of the best knives for camping and other outdoor gear – announced that they were creating a new holiday and are challenging us to all head outside to live life more fully and tackle a new challenge.

To that end, they have created the “National Day of Adventure” (hashtag #NDOA) to encourage everyone to learn a new skill, try something new, or simply push their own boundaries in some way.

To help get things started, MJ and Victorinox will be hosting events in New York City, New Jersey, Minneapolis, and Seattle, with more locations potentially coming soon. One of those events will be an urban scavenger hunt where participants will search for gear, while others could include organized trail runs or rides, races, and so on. More events will be posted soon at

In September, Men’s Journal will publish editorial content in both their print and digital editions of the magazine that will offer suggestions for the best one-day adventures in certain locations across the U.S. Additionally, the MJ website will also be updated throughout September and October with more adventure focused content.

Jay Gallagher, the Publisher of Men’s Journal, said, “This day is designed to inspire people around the country to achieve greater personal fulfillment and experience life beyond the ordinary.”

Dennis Pietra, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Victorinox Swiss Army, added, “We’re excited to integrate 125 years of Swiss Army Knife preparedness into the inaugural National Day of Adventure with Men’s Journal, and we look forward to celebrating everyone’s adventures large and small on October 14.”

So there you have it. A day designed specifically for pursuing your adventures. I already know that I’ll be in Spain on that particular day, so I’m sure I’ll be having an adventure of some kind.

But what about you? Will you participate? Is this just a marketing scheme by two big corporations, or is it a good thing?

Personally, I feel that anything that inspires people to lead a more adventurous life, even if it’s just for one day, is a good thing. Perhaps this will be the gateway that will allow more people to pursue the adventure they always dreamed of, and if that’s the case, I’m all for it.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about this the closer we get to October 14. Until then, start thinking about what you’d like to do with your National Day of Adventure.

Kraig Becker