On the Road Again: Heading Back to Quebec!

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Just another quick note to let regular readers know that there will once again be no updates next week. My time back home was brief, and now I’m headed back to Quebec, Canada for another adventure. Some of you may recall that I was in Quebec this past winter where I had the opportunity to do some snowshoeing and dogsledding in some of the most beautiful (and cold!) conditions ever. Now, I’ll return once again to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region where I’ll be whitewater rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, sea kayaking and hiking. It should be a wonderful time and a nice way to contrast the region between the two seasons.

While I’m away, the Karakoram climbing season should finally come to an end, and I’m sure there will be other interesting adventure news taking place. I’ll try to post updates upon my return of anything important that may have taken place. Regular updates will resume on August 22, at which time I’ll actually be home for several weeks in a row. That will be the first time that that has happened in several months.

Until then, enjoy the last few weeks of summer, get outside and have some adventures of your own, and explore this great big planet of ours. I’ll be back before you know it!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Just pick a spot, and go! The biggest challenge most people face is getting out the door. Do that, and you'll be well on your way.

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