Video: Unclimbed Reaching the Summit in the Himalaya (Episode 2)

Yesterday I posted the first video in a new series that follows mountaineers Gabriel Filippi, Elia Saikaly, and Pasang Kaji Sherpa as they prepare to take on two unclimbed peaks (Tenzing and Hillary Peaks) in Nepal. Today, we have the second video of the series, this time we head out with the team as they go ice climbing as part of their process of getting ready for the challenges ahead. If you’ve ever wondered about the training that goes into prepping for the Himalaya, this video will give you an idea.

If you’re a fan of mountaineering or climbing in the big mountains, you’ll very much enjoy this series. We’ll also be following Gabriel, Elia, and Pasang Kaji as they go for these two first ascents this fall.

Kraig Becker