Stunning Photo Gallery Highlights the Beauty of Antarctica

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When ever we think about Antarctica, images of frozen, windswept landscapes stretching from horizon to horizon usually come to mind. While that isn’t altogether completely inaccurate, the icy continent can also be a place of unspeakable beauty as well. It is a wild, remote, and spectacular place that remains largely untouched by man, and while few of us will ever get the chance to actually see it, it is a memorable place nonetheless.

Recently, the website Mashable posted a gallery of jaw-dropping photos that were shot in the Antarctic. Each image was taken by Alasdair Turner, who spends three months each year living at McMurdo Station on the Ross Ice Shelf, working with scientists and researchers who are conducting a wide variety of experiments.

While there, Alasdair gets a chance to experience the Antarctic that is unlike what adventurous travelers see along the coastline. Instead, he gets to travel into the interior of the continent, which is the highest, driest, and coldest place on Earth. The landscapes that are found there are indeed often covered in snow and ice, and they can be vast and forbidding. But, as you’ll see in the photos, they can also be incredibly gorgeous too.

I haven’t had the chance to visit Antarctica yet. It is the only continent I haven’t been to, and it his extremely high on my bucket list. One day, I’ll get there. But for now, I’ll have to settle for these photos, which only serve to increase my desire to see this amazing place. I think they’ll probably have a similar effect on you.

Kraig Becker