Gear Closet: myCharge PowerGear Sound Wireless Headphone Charging Case

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve reviewed a number of wireless earbuds designed for runners, cyclists, and other outdoor athletes. These Bluetooth headphones are great for those of us who listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while we workout as the lack of wires really does bring a sense of freedom. But, if you own a pair of these earbuds already, you probably already know their major flaw. Battery life is always a big concern, and I’m constantly worried about keeping them charged so they won’t run out of juice halfway through a long run. But a new product from a company called myCharge looks to eliminate that problem altogether while also keeping our sometimes-fragile audio devices well protected at the same time.

The new PowerGear Sound is a carrying case that has been specially made for our earphones. It even comes with a specially made tray specifically built for Powerbeats 3 headphones. Those models are larger and shaped a bit differently than most other Bluetooth earphones, which makes this case unique and should make it popular with Beats owners.

But the real aspect that makes this case unique is its built-in battery pack, which allows you to keep your wireless earbuds charged at all times. The battery has a 1000 mAh capacity, which is enough to charge most Bluetooth headphones up to ten times. That makes this case super-useful not only while you’re at home, but incredibly handy when traveling too.

The PowerGear Sound comes with a built-in micro-USB cable that is compatible with the vast majority of Bluetooth headphones on the market. That means this case will most likely work with the earbuds you already own, as well as any you plan on buying in the future. The charging process is fast and efficient as well, which means that when you put your earphones in this case at the end of a workout, it’ll be fully charged and ready to go the next time you are too.

Several of the pairs of wireless earbuds that I’ve tested have ended up not working properly a short time after I started using them. I don’t believe that I’m especially hard on them, although they are a constant companion on my daily runs. That tells me that these earbuds are on the fragile side, which makes a case a good option to have at your disposal. Particularly if you’re traveling regularly. If you want to protect your headphones and keep them functioning for the long haul, having a case is a must. And considering how much these earphones cost, you’ll definitely want to find ways to protect your invest. A case that also charges those tiny devices seems only logical.

Priced at $39.95, the PowerGear Sound case is an affordable way to keep your earphones safe and charged at the same time. It also makes a good stocking stuffer heading into the holidays. Find ot more at

Kraig Becker