Gear Closet: Char-Broil Portable Grill2Go X200

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One of the biggest challenges for any camping trip is creating tasty meals while on the go. This can be especially difficult if you’re backpacking into remote backcountry, where you’re looking to travel fast and light. But, if you’re car camping instead, and weight is not an issue, your options open up tremendously, giving you the ability to cook tasty meals no matter where you go. That is exactly the case with the new Char-Boril Portable Grill2Go X200, which is a surprisingly great cooking option for camping, overlanding, tailgating, or even just the backyard.

Obviously there have been portable grills around for quite some time, and many of them bring a lot to the table (pun intended!) in terms of how they perform. But what helps set the X200 apart from the crowd is that it is a portable infrared grill, which is something I hadn’t come across before. For those who don’t know, infrared grills use metal and ceramic pieces to allow them to heat up much faster and cook at higher temperature levels. This means the grill is ready to go much more quickly, and food prep doesn’t take nearly as long.

In this case, the Grill2Go is powered by small canisters of propane fuel, which are of course a breeze to fire up and get cooking, even in colder temperatures and windy environments. It is quick, fairly efficient, and makes grilling a simple affair, which is usually what you want when you sit down to make a meal outdoors.

Built like a tank, the X200 is made to go with you on your outdoor adventures. It has been well designed to survive life on the road, with rugged handles that make it easy to carry, and locking mechanisms that hold the lid in place. When you arrive at your campsite, you simply drop it into place, attach the propane tank, and fire it up using the built-in push-bottom igniter. Within just a couple of minutes it will heat up and be ready to go, with a thermometer on the lid keeping you informed of the current temperature at all times.

After using this grill a couple of times, there were several things that I came away very impressed with. First, and foremost was the build quality, which I’ve already mentioned is top notch. Secondly, I really like how quickly it heats up and how fast it is to cook on it. In fact, it is far faster at grilling meat than any other product of this kind that I have tried tried in the past, often cutting cooking times in half. That requires a bit of adjustment on how you go about preparing your meals, at least until you get use to the speed at which the X200 works. I’d recommend monitoring it closely while you make the adjustment, lest you end up with burgers, steaks, or other items that are completely well done.

Part of the grill’s durability comes from the fact that it is made of very sturdy materials.While obviously there are some plastic elements to it, the bulk of the X200 is made up of cast aluminum and stainless steel. But besides making it very rugged, those materials also add weight. The grill tips the scales at 21 pounds (9.5 kg), which makes it way to heavy to take with you into the backcountry. But that said, it is a great addition to your gear list for car camping, and overlanders will definitely love it. Not only is is built to survive in the remote places that off-roaders frequent, it can cook up meals very quickly and efficiently.

Beyond taking this grill on road trips, it is also a really great way to cook in the backyard too. The infrared cooking system comes in handy when you just want to grill up some meat and roast some vegetable without taking a ton of time. If the grill you’re already using around your home isn’t already an infrared model, chances are you might end up enjoying this one even more, despite its smaller size.

The X200 comes with a nice price tag too. Normally it sells for $149.99, but it is currently on sale for just $119.99. That makes it a great bargain, and the perfect gift for the car camper, overlander, or tailgater in your life. Based on my experience, they won’t be disappointed.

For more information checkout the Portable Grill2Go X200 webpage.

Kraig Becker