Gear Closet: Sherpa Adventure Gear Ananta Hoodie

Last week I took a look at the Tsepun Zip Tee from Sherpa Adventure Gear, and came away very impressed with how comfortable that baselayer is and how well it performed. This week, I’m going back into the Sherpa catalog to take a look at yet another one of their garments, this time putting the Ananta Hoodie to the test.

Where as the Tsepun is a mid-weight shirt meant to be worn close to the body, the Ananta Hoodie is an insulating layer that works best between your baselayer and your shell. Made from Polartec Thermal Pro fabrics, this pull-over is warm, quick-drying, very breathable, and surprisingly light weight. All of those elements add up to a fantastic piece of clothing for use in the outdoors or just around home.

While this hoodie performs amazing well, and is both water and wind resistant, the first thing that strikes you when you put it on is just how incredibly soft it is. The outer fabric on the Ananta feels fantastic to the touch, almost to the point where you think that it can’t possibly be durable as well. But, I’ve been wearing this mid-layer quite a bit recently, and it has held up to daily use in a variety of environments without a single sign of wear and tear. In fact, it still looks exactly the same as when I first received it, which means it should survive quite nicely in the outdoors.

The Ananta Hoodie features a trim, athletic cut that hugs the body closely. This helps it to trap warm air close to the body to provide extra warmth over a form-fitting baselayer. But, if you prefer a fit that is a bit less snug, you may want to move up to a larger size. Personally, I like the way it fits, and since the Polartec fabrics have a stretchy quality to them, it isn’t difficult to get it on or off as needed. Plus, the body-hugging design helps it to feel more natural under an outer shell too.

Simple in design, this hoodie nevertheless has some notable features. For instance, the hood is spacious and provides solid protection from the elements. A pair of cinch cords allow you to tighten up the fit as needed, although for the most part it works fine without having to do so. There is also a single zipped pocket on the left shoulder which is handy for stashing small items in pinch. Although I rarely use it for storing anything, it is large enough to fit a smartphone and is nice to have for those “just in case” moments.

Where I live, winter hasn’t officially arrived yet, but we’ve had some cold, damp days already. During this time, I’ve found myself reaching for the Ananta on a regular basis, both when heading outside and for staying warm around the house. It is extremely comfortable, looks great, and provides a nice layer of warmth too. There have been times however when I’ve felt my hands instinctively reaching for a front pouch pocket that doesn’t exist. If there were one thing that I’d like to see added to the Ananta in the future, it is just such a pocket. It feels like it should be there, even though it isn’t.

Just like the Tsepun shirt, this hoodie was obviously built with quality and care. Everything about it feels well made and crafted to a higher level than some of the garments I’ve seen from Sherpa’s competitors. That is once again a testament to its durability, and since it happens to look great and perform well, I know that this will be a regular companion on my future travel adventures.

Priced at $110, I once again see this as another Sherpa product that comes across as a bargain. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like the Ananta Hoodie anywhere else, and its blend of warmth, wicking, and breathability are tough to beat. It makes a wonderful addition to any layering system, or can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans for nice casual look. Just don’t be surprised if you’re stopped by strangers on occasion asking where you got it, because that’s happened more than once to me as well.

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Kraig Becker