Cotopaxi Just Might Be Hiring for Your Dream Job

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Looking for a job that will allow you to travel and play outdoors? Are you savvy with social media, technology, and blogging? Then Cotopaxi just might have an opportunity for you. The company is currently hiring  new Road Warrior to join the team for the upcoming year.

And what exactly are the duties of the Road Warrior? They’ll be tasked with driving the company’s mobile pop-up retail store throughout the U.S. as Cotopaxi expands its Questival adventure race series in 2017. The person hired for the job will also share their experience in a variety of social media outlets, while crisscrossing the U.S. on a 30+ city tour. The job won’t be easy, but it should be fun. And it will be a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a creative outlet that involves adventure, gear, and exploring the country.

How does the job break down in terms of statistics? Cotopaxi has crunched the numbers and here’s what they’ve come up with: Over the course of the year, the Road Warrior will take one truck and trailer, drive more than 25,000 miles, visit more than 30 cities, cross 88 state borders, spend 370+ hours on the road, and pass through numerous state, national, and city parks in the process. Oh yeah, they’ll also get the chance to meet tens of thousands of like-minded people along the way.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Than click here to start the application process. And good luck! You’re probably going to need it!

Kraig Becker