Heading to Aspen for the Winter XGames

Just a quick note as I get ready to head out on another brief, but exciting adventure. Tomorrow morning I’ll leave for Apsen, Colorado to attend the Winter XGames, which means there will probably be no normal update to round out the week. But, that said, don’t be too surprised if I don’t post a few things over the weekend about my experience. It should be an interesting one.

While in Aspen, I’m hoping to get the chance to chat with some of the athletes, attend several of the events, and take in the spectacle that is the XGames. This is the first time I’ve attended the event, and I’m really looking forward to it. I want to thank the folks at LifeProof for inviting me. It should be a busy couple of days, but a lot of fun too. If you want a first hand account of what the games are like be sure to follow my social media feeds. (FacebookTwitterInstagram)

This is a short trip. I’ll be back home by Sunday evening, and usual updates will resume on Monday. While I’m away, I hope everyone heads out to enjoy some weekend adventures of their own. Back soon!

Kraig Becker