Video: Watch a Helicopter Pilot Land on the Summit of Everest

Back in 2005, French helicopter pilot Didier Delsalle did something that most people thought was impossible – he landed a helicopter on the summit of Mt. Everest. And when people questioned if he was actually able to pull of that stunt, he did it again for good measure. In this video, we see one of those landings, in footage that I hadn’t ever come across before. Considering the fact that most helicopters won’t go much higher than Base Camp, this remains an impressive bit of flying indeed.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: Watch a Helicopter Pilot Land on the Summit of Everest”

  1. I very much appreciate the pushing of the boundaries involved in this. But also find it incredibly sad that our most remote and sacred spaces are now accessible by machine. I can't help feeling that at some point we took "dominion over the Earth" too far, and that is to our own detriment.

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