Gear Closet: Osprey Duro 6 Hydration Pack

Osprey Duro 6 Hydration Pack: Trail runners, listen up! There’s a great new pack you’re going to want to check out and probably add to your arsenal. The new Duro 6 hydration pack from Osprey delivers the level of quality and thoughtful design that you expect from that company, with a few nice additions that you’re definitely going to love out on the trail.

The Duro 6 is just one part of Osprey’s new line of hydration products, including the Duro 15 and Duro 1.5 packs, the Duro Solo belt, and the Duro Hand bottle holder. The lady’s version of the packs goes under the name Dyna instead-but offer very similar features, just with a more female-friendly design.

These packs are designed to be lightweight, comfortable to wear, and offer plenty of storage options for everything from a short training run to an all-day race.

While Osprey’s long heritage of creating excellent backpacks can be easily seen in the Duro 6, one of the first things you notice is that it also includes a design that is closer to a vest-style hydration pack, which has become increasingly popular amongst trail runners in recent years.

I personally have come to really appreciate this type of pack as it keeps the bag from jostling around too much while I run and yet doesn’t impede motion in any way either. Plus, the Duro hugs the body nicely and is so comfortable to wear that you almost forget that you have it on. That’s not something I can say about some of the other running packs I’ve tested over the years.

Despite its relatively small size – just 6-liters of carrying capacity – the Duro 6 has plenty of room in its main compartment for carrying an extra jacket, wallet, keys, and a few other spare items for out on the trail. Better yet, the harness itself has several well-placed, zippered pockets for carrying snacks, gels, and even your smartphone, while larger harness pockets provide room for water bottles too.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a larger stuff pocket on the back and two stretch mesh pockets on the sides as well. In short, there are a surprising number of places to carry all of the gear and food you’ll need out on your run.

The Duro 6 ships with a very nice hydration reservoir that can hold up to 1.5 liters of water. That reservoir is easy to fill, seals uptight, and slips in and out of its designated sleeve within the pack with ease.

Its bite valve offers plenty of water on demand. At the same time, Osprey’s patented magnetic retention system keeps the hydration bladder’s hose out of the way until you actually need to take a drink. This feature that another pack I’ve been testing lately does not have, and I found myself sorely missing it while on longer runs.

As someone who tends to get very warm and sweat a lot while on the run, I always worry about adding a pack to the mix will potentially increase my discomfort out on the trail. But, I can honestly say that the Duro 6 is so lightweight and easy to run with that I haven’t really noticed much of an impact in this area at all.

Granted, I’ve been running in relatively cooler temperatures so far, but this vest/pack hybrid has been a joy to run in and has now supplanted Osprey’s own Rev 6 as my new favorite running pack.

While this bag is obviously aimed at trail runners, it can also pull double-duty as a mountain biking or light hiking pack as well. In terms of carrying plenty of water and offering a surprising amount of onboard storage, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the Duro when you also factor in all-around comfort and efficiency.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight, versatile pack for your favorite outdoor aerobic activities, this is a great choice. And since it comes with Osprey’s All-Might Guarantee, you can bet it’s built to last too.

Priced at $110, the Duro 6 is, in my book, an excellent value. Osprey has managed to pack many features and design elements into a compact package that trail runners are absolutely going to love. And with spring just around the corner, you know you’re going to want a new pack to help you get back up to speed out on the trail. This one will do that and more.

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Kraig Becker