Mountain Runner Sets Female Aconcagua Speed Record

Monte Aconcagua

Standing 6961 meters (22,838 ft) in height, Argentina’s Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America, and the highest peak outside the Himalaya in the world. That makes it one of the Seven Summits of course, luring in hundreds of climbers each year who are looking to add one of those iconic mountains to their resume. While not nearly as challenging as Everest, it remains a formidable peak, as Ranulph Fiennes discovered recently.

But about the same time that Sir Ran was preparing to head home a few weeks back, another climber by the name of Sunny Stroeer was preparing to make a run – quite literally – at the speed record by a woman on the mountain. On January 23, she did just that, setting a new mark for climbing from Base Camp to the summit, despite the fact that she had a respiratory infection.

Outside magazine has posted a profile of the 32-year old Stroeer following her epic ascent, which took 8 hours and 47 minutes to complete, shaving 29 minutes off the previous record. Stroeer is no stranger to long endurance events, as she is an ultrarunner who has competed in such events as the legendary Western States, amongst numerous other 50 and 100k runs. Perhaps her biggest adventure so far however is quitting her job back in 2015 to focus on running and traveling full-time. Since then, she has roamed around the southwest states of the U.S., and gone trekking in Thailand, Nepal, Tanzania, Germany, and other places.

Back in 2014, Stroeer climbed Aconcagua for the first time, going solo and unsupported, which is an impressive accomplishment in its own right. She told Outside that she was shocked at how few women were on the mountain, which gave her the idea of forming an all ladies team to make another attempt on the summit. She did that this year, and her record-setting run was a part of that expedition.

Sunny’s story is an impressive one on a number of different levels. There is certainly a lot of inspiration to be had from her adventures. Congrats on the new speed record!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Dear Kraig,

    Love your site; as always great article.

    Sir Ranulph (not Randulph) is one of the greatest living Englishman and a national treasure. I'd appreciate a correction.



  2. Of course! I know this well. I think autocorrect must have kicked in without me noticing. Thanks for the correction Colin.

  3. Hi Kraig! This is Sunny – thanks for sharing the story on this. I just smashed the speed record on the ~220km Annapurna Circuit, too… let me know if you'd like info to post about it, and if yes how to best reach you.

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