Video: GoPro Invites Us to Meet the Karma Drone (Again!)

Yesterday was a big day for GoPro. That’s because, after a three-month delay following a recall, it’s much anticipated Karma drone has finally gone back on sale again. The Karma was unveiled last September, and then went on sale in October, only to be pulled from store shelves a few weeks later because of a design flaw that caused it to lose power mid-flight. That flaw has now been corrected, and the Karma is up and flying once again. In this video, we are reminded of what the Karma, when paired with a GoPro Hero 5 camera and the company’s awesome new Karma Grip stabilizer are capable of. While it’s true that GoPro has fallen on hard times a bit financially of late, their equipment is still top notch and easy to work with. Sure, this clip is essentially a commercial for that gear, but it is also an indication of what you can do with it when filming for your own projects.

Kraig Becker