Video: Mongolia’s Eagle Hunters in a Modern World

Have 15 minutes to spare and want to see a unique way of life from a remote corner of the globe? This video is a short documentary bout the eagle hunters of Mongolia, a group of nomads who have lived in basically the same fashion for hundreds of years. But now, their numbers are dwindling, and modern life is starting to creep in on their corner of the world. How much longer will they continue to hunt and live in this fashion? Watch the video to find out more about these amazing people.

Last year when I was in Mongolia I had the chance to meet one of these extraordinary men. It was one of the highlights of an amazing trip and it is sad to think that these traditions may vanish.

Kraig Becker

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  1. They are here in Monaghan, Ireland —– British.Russia/Scandinavia/British. European-Africa. China/India-Australia. 3:1 America.

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