What It’s Like to Climb Mt. Kenya in Africa

1280px Mount Kenya

When we discuss climbing high peaks in Africa, the story usually revolves around a trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest peak on the continent. Alternatively, you may also find reports of climbing in the Atlas Range in Morocco or similar peaks in North Africa. But, there is another significant mountain that is worth considering as well, and it is often overlooked by adventure travelers and trekkers alike.

Standing 5199 meters (17,057 ft) in height, Mt. Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa. Because it sits 2000 feet lower in altitude than Kilimanjaro, it often gets lost in the long shadow that is cast by its Tanzanian sibling. But, Mt. Kenya is a challenging and interesting trekking destination in its own right, with plenty to offer visitors.

Recently, Altitude Treks posted a report on what its like to hike this impressive peak. The article, entitled “Mt. Kenya: Not Just Another Summit,” goes into detail on what to expect if you set out to take on the mountain yourself. The article not only consists of a trip report on a Mt. Kenya climb – including lots of photos – but it also offers tips on what to pack, when to go, who to climb with, and which routes are the best. In short, it is an excellent, and very comprehensive, look at everything you need to know to trek Africa’s other great peak.

If you’ve already knocked Kilimanjaro off your bucket list, and are looking for another challenging trip to Africa, than Mt. Kenya should definitely be on your radar. It may not be as tall as Kili, but it has a personality and a set of challenges that are all its own. You’ll find that it is a very different experience and one that will leave a lasting impression too.

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Kraig Becker