The Top 50 Adventures in the World According to Elite Traveler

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Here at The Adventure Blog we’re always on the lookout for exciting new opportunities to get out and explore the amazing world that we live in. Now, thanks to a magazine called Elite Traveler, we have a bunch of new ones to add to our bucket list. The periodical recently announced its Top 50 Adventures, providing readers with some fantastic suggestions of where to go and what to do on their next active escape.

As you can probably guess by the name of the magazine, Elite Traveler is aimed at a tax bracket that most of us don’t fall into. Some of their suggestions for trips and excursions are pricey to say the least. Still, the list offers some enticing opportunities to say the least, many of which can probably be done for less money if you know how to approach the situation. The Top 50 list is broken up into several categories, including three different regions – The Americas, Europe, and the Rest of the World – as well as by categories that break down to air, land, snow, water, and transport. The last of those focuses on excursions that involve driving motorcycles and cars in exotic locations.

With 50 adventures to discover on ET’s list, there are a lot of things for you to read about. As usual, I won’t spoil to many of the options that make the cut, but I will mention a few just to whet your appetite. For instance, the editors at Elite Traveler recommend touring Chile with Explora, a decidedly upscale travel company. They also suggest going sand boarding on a volcano in Nicaragua, taking a hot air balloon over the Alps,  or shark diving in Fiji. This is just a brief sample of what you’ll find here, and like I said, many of the trips aren’t cheap but they are definitely awe inspiring.

To read the entire list, and hopefully discover a few new items to add to your list of things to see and do before you die, click here. For me, that list keeps getting longer, which means I had better stick around for awhile.

Kraig Becker