Video: Traversing the High Sierra with Kalen Thorien

What do you do in the off season if youโ€™re a professional skier? In the case of Kalen Thorien, you set out on an 18-day, 270-mile solo traverse across the High Sierra Mountains. In this video, we join Kalen on this adventure as she goes in search of adventure and solitude. She finds all of that, and a lot more, as she makes the hike through some very remote and ruggedly beautiful landscapes.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I got so excited at the 5:20 mark I shouted out loud! She camps in the exact spot where I pitched my tent on August 3, 2016 during my JMT hike. It's a great nook protected by a giant boulder and a mini rock wall, overlooking beautiful Evolution Lake.

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