Expedition 1000: Dave’s Off On Another Adventure – The Random Tandem

British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite is off on yet another adventure as he continues the pursuit of his Expedition 1000 goals. This time, he’s back on the bike, riding across Europe, and he isn’t alone, as somehow he managed to talk his girlfriend Emma into joining him.

This is the 13th leg of Expedition 1000, which started as an idea that Dave had back in 2006 to skateboard across Australia. Yes, all of Australia. That launched a plan to undertake 25 individual journeys of 1000 miles or more, all under his own power. Since that time, he’s also kayaked the Murray River in Australia, stand-up paddle boarded the length of the Mississippi, swam 1000 miles down the Missouri, and rode a push-scooter across Japan.

For this monumental 13th leg, which will put him more than halfway towards his goal, Dave has chosen to ride a tandem bike (along with Emma) along the Danube River, once again covering a thousand miles in the process. This ride has been dubbed the “Random Tandem,” as Dave’s Facebook audience were given the opportunity to choose their method of transportation. In this case, they went with the Hase Pino, an e-bike built for two.

As of now, Dave and Emma are about 9 days into their journey, and will spend another couple of weeks following the Danube to the east. The ride began at a bike show called The Spezi that is held in central Germany each year, and will continue until they reach their 1000-mile goal. They’re roughly to the halfway point of that goal, and continuing to press ahead. You can follow their progress on Dave’s Facebook page.

I’ve been following Dave’s adventures almost as long as I’ve been writing this blog. He launched Expedition 1000 shortly before I created The Adventure Blog, and it has been fun to cover his journeys over the years and to see where he’s headed next. Of course, the Random Tandem is only the halfway point of his bigger plan, but he has more trips planned for the near future and Expedition 1000 continues to steam full-speed ahead. I’ve just been lucky enough to follow along and watch it all unfold.

Good luck to Dave and Emma on the remaining miles of they journey. It will be fun to follow along with their adventure.

Kraig Becker