Nat Geo Shares 10 Amazing Luxury Camping Adventures

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Lets face it, we all love to backpack into a remote campsite, set up our tent, and rough it in the backcountry from time to time. But, from time to time, we also like to enjoy a camping experience that doesn’t necessarily skimp on the luxuries either. The best part is, these comfortable, luxurious outings don’t mean that you have to sacrifice the level of adventure you have either. Case in point; National Geographic has put together a list of 10 amazing luxury camping excursions, that are long on creature comforts and adventure.

As the name implies, the article offers some great options for those who want to pamper themselves on a camping trip that is unlike anything most of us have experienced. For instance, one of the destinations is the Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Nepal, where visitors stay in spacious tents complete with full beds and attached bathrooms at night, and have a chance to encounter elephants during the day. If travelers want a full safari experience, they can also visit join the Silverbacks and Serengeti tour from Peregrine Adventures, where over the course of 15-days they’ll be treated to an exceptional East African safari, while staying in a roving camp that features plenty of amenities.

Of course, I won’t spoil the entire list, and there are plenty of options that are closer to home to discover too. Each of Nat Geo’s selections are unique, offer amazing accommodations, and provide a sense of adventure and wonder that we normally can’t get on just a weekend camping excursion. These are exceptional trips to say the least, and most of them come with exceptional price tags too.

Keep that in mind the next time you load up your backpack and head out for your favorite local camping spot.

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