Gear Closet: Endeavor Exceed Run Short 2.0 and Edge Hoody

If you’re in the market for some excellent new exercise gear to keep you comfortable during your workouts, take a look at what Endeavor Athletic has to offer. I was recently introduced to the brand and have had the chance to check out a couple of their pieces and have come away thoroughly impressed. Here’s what I’ve been testing, along with some thoughts on each item.

Endeavor Exceed Run Short 2.0
I’m a runner. I run almost everyday. On the road and on the trail, running is my favorite form of exercise and it is a good stress reliever after a long day. That’s why it is important to me to stay comfortable during my workouts, and that starts with a good pair of running shorts. For me, those shorts need to fit snugly, but not in a way that constricts movement. They also need to provide some level of moisture management, as I can get pretty sweaty when running hard. It doesn’t hurt if those same shorts can be versatile enough to be used in other activities too. 
That’s exactly what I got out of Endeavor’s Exceed Run Short 2.0. I’ve spent more than month testing these shorts in a variety of conditions ranging from mild and comfortable to hot and steamy, and they have performed well in all cases. I’ve even run with them in the rain and they performed well in those conditions too. This gives me a lot of confidence in knowing that when I set out on a run, the shorts that I’m wearing will work well, even if the weather shifts somewhere along the way. 
The Exceed Run Short come with two zippered pockets that are surprisingly large and deep. This makes them a nice option for securely stowing a smartphone, keys, a few energy gels, or other small items. Endeavor has even managed to sneak in a couple of reflective logos to help the shorts stand out in low light conditions, along with a small interior pocket as well.
But what I like most about these shorts is just how comfortable they are to wear. Made from lightweight, flexible nylon, the Exceed Run Short moves well with the body, thanks in part to their anatomical cut that. A built-in brief provides extra support during the run, but better yet hasn’t caused any type of chafing as of yet. Laser perforated ventilation holes provide an extra measure of breathability, while a drawstring waistband allows runners to adjust the size to fit their individual needs. 
If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shorts for your outdoor workout routine, the Exceed is an excellent option. These shorts are durable, comfortable, and built with runners specifically in mind. That said however, they’ll serve you well in a variety of other activities too, including an intense CrossFit class, stand volleyball at the beach, or just kicking around in the backyard. (Price: $75)
Endeavor Edge Hoody
When it comes to versatility, its difficult to top the Endeavor Edge Hoody. I’ve found it to be a great option to have in your closet on cold weather runs, but it can also be pulled on after a workout to keep you warm in cooler conditions too. The hoody features a nice, athletic cut that makes it a good choice to wear during your outdoor workouts, trips to the gym, or even just running errands around town. 
When designing the Edge Hoody, the team at Endeavor managed to work in plenty of nice features. For instance, it comes with a mesh back and underarm vents to help regulate temperature and it features two large hand pockets as well. The hoody also comes with a media pocket, complete with headphone management system, and thumb loops to pull the sleeves down over your hands for added warmth. 
Additional features include reflective logos, a mesh-lined hood, and an integrated polygiene odor control system that keeps the jacket feeling and smelling fresh, even after numerous workouts. The hoody is also made from durable knit fabrics that have survived countless runs – not to mention washes – without losing any of its luster. The Edge still looks as good now as it did when it was first shipped to me awhile back. 
I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a comfortable hoody that performs well. I have a couple of them in my closet that I happen to love, one of which has accompanied me on some far flung adventures to remote corners of the globe. The Edge is good enough to take its place alongside those other jackets that I enjoy so much. It is comfortable, good looking, and allows you to move without impairing motion, despite the fact that it feels snug when you’re wearing it. All of this make is a great choice for  outdoor athletes who need a versatile piece of clothing for cold weather workouts. (Price: $120)
Kraig Becker