Off to Austin, Texas!

IMG 4224

Another quick note to let readers know that I’m about to hit the road again for a few days. This time, I’m returning to Austin, Texas where I’ll be once again visiting with Yeti to learn about their latest products, tour the company’s Innovation Center, and generally enjoying a visit to my old stomping grounds. I was fortunate enough to live in Austin for nine years, so a return visit feels like going home.

I’ll only be away Thursday and Friday of this week, and hope to have some time to post a few brief news updates during that time. But if not, I’ll resume posting next week, although things may be a little disrupted with the 4th of July holiday here in the U.S. We’ll still find a way to muddle through however, and continue our usual coverage of all things adventurous.

Thanks for being patient with the regular disruptions around here. I’ll be back soon, and hopefully you’ll enjoy a few adventures of your own while I’m away.

Kraig Becker