Outside Posts 2017 Summer Gear Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for some new outdoor gear, you’re in luck. Outside magazine has just published its 2017 Summer Buying Guide, and as usual it is filled with tons of great gear to see you through your outdoor adventures. In fact, the guide contains more than 330 products in categories that include hiking, fitness, bike, float, run, and travel. In other words, there is plenty to like here, no matter what your outdoor passion happens to be.

Each of the different categories is broken down further into subcategories, with the best options for that type of gear listed there. For instance, under the hiking category you’ll find the best summer hiking boots and the best summer jackets, with some amazing options to see you through the warmer months ahead. That same category is home to the best backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags as well, amongst plenty of other options.

With so much interesting gear to sift through, it could take hours to read about it all. But, as usual Outside has covered all of its bases, offering up the best options for just about anything you could possibly be shopping for. For instance, under the Fitness category you’ll find the best watches and the best energy snacks, while visiting the travel section reveals the best new cameras and the best luggage too.  If you want to sort through everything, you might want to grab a beverage and some food, and get comfortable for awhile.

As a gear nerd myself, I always enjoy reading Outside’s choices for the various categories and this buyer’s guide didn’t disappoint. It provided plenty of insight into some products that I’ve already seen – and even tested – as well as quite a few I haven’t used as of yet. It also reaffirmed my belief that the outdoor industry is making some of the best, most innovative gear ever at the moment, making it harder to choose what to buy exactly, but delivering so many good options that no matter which way you go, you’ll probably come away satisfied. For outdoor enthusiasts, it is a good time to be alive.

Check out the entire guide here.

Kraig Becker