10 Travel Destinations That Deserve More Visitors

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National Geographic has more fodder to feet our travel addiction today, this time offering up an article that provides 10 great travel destinations that deserve more visitors. Normally, when we find great places to visit, we want to keep them to ourselves, but in this case, these particular places could actually be better served with a few more travelers actually spending some time there. 

As usual with an article of this kind, I won’t spoil too many of the entries, but some of the places that earned a spot on Nat Geo’s shortlist include Lesotho in South Africa, Guyana in South America, and the island of Haiti. Those places are each heralded for their natural beauty, cultural significance, and the fact that few visitors venture off the beaten path to spend some time there. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, you’ll find plenty of solitude in these destinations. 
I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited several of the locations that earn a spot on this list, and can attest to much I love those places. Some of them require a bit of extra work to get to, others ask visitors to leave their preconceived notions at the door, while a few simply want any traveler making the journey to come with an open mind. All of the destinations will reward anyone who makes the trip with a lifetime of lasting memories. 
That said, there are a few places here that I wouldn’t mind remaining off the radar to a degree. Part of their charm is that they are not on the well-worn travel path, but are instead hidden gems that not everyone wants to explore. Over commercialization can cause a place to lose its true identity, and I’d hate to see that happen to any of these places. So while they do deserve more visitors, lets hope its not at the expense of the things that we love about that place and drew us to it in the first place. 
You can check out the entire list here and start planning your next escape here. 
Kraig Becker