15 Great Pieces of Gear for Summer Backpacking

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Looking for the very best gear to take on your summer camping, hiking, or backpacking trip? Your in luck, because Backpacker magazine has put together its list of the 15 best pieces of gear for use in the summer season with products designed to perform well, while also keeping us cooler and drier in hot weather.

You’ll find a little of everything on this list, starting with coffee to get your day started and ending with a lantern to keep the campsite illuminated at night. In between, you’ll discover Backpacker’s picks for sunscreen, energy bars, shorts, shoes, hats, and more. You’ll find gear from brands we all know and love, and a few that you may not have heard of before. You’ll also find an excellent warm-weather backpack, sunglasses, and even a tripod for your smartphone, complete with a remote control.

Personally, I love the focus of this list, which not only says it has summer gear for use in our outdoor adventures, but delivers on that promise too. Many summer gear guides simply offer the best new gear being released during that season, but Backpacker’s actually offers products that are highly functional for use in the heat.

Check out the entire list here.

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