Cotopaxi Presents the Most Popular Hike in All 50 States

USA satellite

Have you ever wondered which trail in your state is the most popular? Are you looking for new places to hike when visiting other places? If so, than outdoor gear manufacturer Cotopaxi has you covered. The company recently posted a new interactive map of the U.S. to its website that offers the most popular option for hikers in each of the 50 states, often with some surprising results. 

To use the map, all you have to do is move your cursor over the individual states. It will then automatically reveal which trail made the cut, along with a bit of information about that route, in the lower left hand corner of the page. The short description is often just enough to get you more intrigued, sending you off to Google to find out more information about any of the trails you may not already be familiar with. 
While the map is interesting and fun, I would’ve preferred it to have a bit more information. I found myself enjoying the process of discovering which trail was the most popular in any given state, but in almost every case, the brief description wasn’t quite enough. For instance, it would have been nice to known where in the state the trail is located, how long the route is, and what activities can be done there other than hiking. Instead, we have to find out most of that stuff elsewhere.
That said, it is still enjoyable to move around the map and see which trails are the most popular for the given state. Sometimes I could guess which one made the cut ahead of time, but often I was surprised to learn which trail held that distinction. Hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun this too. 
Kraig Becker