Nat Geo Suggests 50 Adventures in 50 States

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If you’re still looking for some travel adventures to occupy your time this summer,  National Geographic is here to help. The editors over at the Nat Geo website have compiled a list of 50 adventures in all 50 states, providing readers with plenty of amazing suggestions of things to see and do no matter which part of the U.S. they live in or are visiting.

The list is presented in a slideshow format, with the states listed in alphabetical order. The suggestions offered vary greatly, with options for climbing, mountaineering, paddling, hiking, and more. Some of these adventures are fairly accessible, while others are extremely demanding, but each will give you a new perspective on the destination, possibly even changing your perception of a state altogether.

With so many different things to choose from it is impossible for me to spoil everything. But, I had to know what suggestions Nat Geo had for the different states that I’ve lived in. For instance, the recommendation is to visit the National Balloon Classic in late July and early August. Meanwhile, in Tennessee paddlers are encouraged to kayak the Caney Fork River Gorge in winter, while in Texas travelers should explore Monahans Sandhills State Park.

These are just three of the 50 adventures that Nat Geo has to offer, so there are plenty more to discover. Best of all, most of the ones that I looked at were not the first thing that came to mind when you thought about the state that was being highlighted. For instance, it would have been easy to recommend backpacking through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, yet we got something completely different. That means that you may even find an unexpected adventure in a state that you already know well.

To find out what options exist in your state or ones nearby, check out the entire list here.

Kraig Becker