British Adventurer on a 1500 Mile Journey via Waterbike

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British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite is at is again. The man who once skateboarded across Australia and stand-up paddleboarded down the Mississippi River has embarked on what promises to be yet another record breaking journey. This time, he is exploring more than 1500 miles (2414 km) of coastline in Norway aboard a water bike.

Dubbed Expedition Norway, this adventure is the 14th leg of Cornthwaite’s Expedition 1000 series, during which he is undertaking 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles or more completely under his own power. He set out on the journey back on July 24 and has slowly been making is way along the Norwegian coastline ever since, making steady progress aboard his Schiller Waterbike as he goes.

What’s a waterbike you ask? Good question! A waterbike is a craft that is designed to propel itself along through water using pedal power much like a regular bike. Two pontoons give it stability on the water, while a drive system under the surface pushes it along. In this case, Dave’s bike averages about 4-5 mph (6-8 km/h) with a top speed of around 12 mph (19 km/h).

Dave has set a goal of setting the longest waterbike journey ever on this trip, but unfortunately I think that record probably goes to David Andres and Hubert Kisinski who biked the length of the Amazon, covering some 5000 miles (8046 km) in the process. That’s a heck of a lot further than Expedition Norway will cover. Still, it should be fun to follow along as Dave is making regular updates to his Facebook page as he goes.

The video below also shares some more information about the trip and the waterbike being used.

Kraig Becker