Expolorersweb is For Sale

If you’re looking to get into the lucrative world of blogging about adventure and exploration, I have good news for you. Explorersweb.com is up for sale, providing an opportunity for would-be writers to take charge of an already well-established website and run with it.

In a post published to the website last week, site owners Tom and Tina Sjögren announced that they were putting ExWeb – as it is often colloquially referred to – up for sale. The duo has numerous expeditions and major adventures under their belt, but are now planning for the next big journey – one that will take them into space. In order to more fully focus on that project, they are setting aside some of their other ventures, which includes Explorers Web.

The asking price for the site isn’t named in the article, but the new owners will not only receive explorersweb.com but also MountEverest.net, and a few other domains too. Monthly traffic is said to be around 100,000 visitors with $200 in revenue coming from Google ads. In other words, the new owners aren’t going to get rich, but with a good plan in place, they do take over a successful platform for reporting on the world of exploration and adventure.

Apparently, the site will no longer be updated moving forward until a new owner is found. Site contributors can continue to self-publish at Pythom.com, but the main ExWeb page will now go dark until someone new takes it over.

Personally, I want to send a word of thanks to Tom and Tina, who served as a bit of inspiration when I first started this blog more than 10 years ago. I was already an avid reader of their site before I ever thought about doing something similar, and over the course of the past decade ExWeb has frequently been cited here as a source of the news and information that I passed along to readers as well.

I can’t say where the site will go moving forward, but their insights, expertise, and contacts in the world of exploration will be missed.

Good luck to the both of them on their next adventure.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I echo your words about Tom and Tina – they're extraordinary people who have many great accomplishments under their belts, and still lots of room to run, roam and fly. Best of luck

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