Lonnie Dupre Announces Next Adventure – Exploring Greenland in 2019

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Mountaineer and polar explorer Lonnie Dupre has announced plans for his next major expedition, and as usual it will be a tough, cold journey. The man who once made a solo ascent of Denali in January has set his sights on Greenland, where he and a team of fellow adventurers will explore history, culture, and the impact of climate change.

Dubbed the Pulling for the Planet expedition, the project isn’t set to get underway until January of 2019. The team’s objective is to travel more than 1000 miles (1609 km) by dogsled starting in the northernmost community of the world – Qaanaaq. From there, the squad will head north, traveling across the legendary Warming Lands, which consist of a series of fjords which remain mostly unexplored and unvisited by man. They’ll also go in search of a cairn reportedly built by Robert Peary himself back in the early 1900’s, before pressing on further into the unknown.

Additionally, the Dupre and his team will use the expedition as an opportunity to test new gear in some of the harshest and coldest conditions on the planet, while also collecting samples of the ice and snow, as well as local fauna, to search for pollutants and to research the impact of climate change. They’ll even take samples from the local inhabitants to determine if they remain healthy and fit.

The expedition is expected to take 100 days to complete, with the group traveling through Greenland during the most difficult time of year. January in this part of the world is incredibly cold and demanding, and should push their equipment and resolve to the limit.

The start of the journey is still more than a year off at this point, but it should certainly be an interesting one to follow. Find out more at Lonnie Dupre’s official website.

Kraig Becker