Nat Geo Gives Us 31 Stunning Shots From the Mountains

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When you think about National Geographic, it is only natural to also think about great photography. That point is hammered home once again thanks to a slideshow on the Nat Geo website that offers 31 stunning images captured in the mountains. The photos are at times breathtakingly beautiful, as well at times haunting and inspiring, remind us why we are so enamored with the remote and rugged places of the world.

The photos come our way from a variety of different photographers, both professional and amateur. They have been curated from Nat Geo’s YourShot community, which invites shutterbugs from across the globe to share their favorite images. The shots that are a part of the mountain gallery depict places from all over the world, including Switzerland, Ireland, Alaska, Vancouver Island, Kyrgyzstan, and beyond. The photos range from landscape shots of the massive mountains themselves, to incredible vistas taken high above the clouds on a distant summit too.

After sifting through the entire slideshow, it is impossible to not feel like heading out into the mountains myself. The photos are grand and awe inspiring to say the least. They not only make me want to climb but improve my own photography too. I’m sure you’ll probably get a similar dose of inspiration as you page through the images as well. My only wish is that Nat Geo would have included the captions with the photos themselves, rather than making us hunt them down in the individual photographer’s gallery. Still, that does expose us to more of their photos, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Check out the entire slideshow here.

Kraig Becker