Want to Buy a Colorado 14er?

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Colorado is full of mountains taller than 14,000 feet (4267 meters). In fact, there are 53 of them in total, and the residents of the state are quite proud of them. Many hikers and climbers have made it a mission to nab the summit on each and every one of them, but climbing even one is pretty nice feat to have on your resume. But, even better than that, is owning one.

According to this story, the Cielo Vista Ranch, located near Colorado’s border with New Mexico, is up for sale. The parcel of land covers an impressive 83,000 acres, and comes with some impressive wilderness views. It also encompasses a 14er by the name of Culebra Peak, which is 14,049 feet (4282 m) in height with a prominence of 4806 feet (1464 m). In other words, the next owner of the ranch will also own a fairly impressive mountain.

The approach to the summit of Culebra Peak requires a 5 to 7 mile hike and includes bout 3000 feet (914 meters) of vertical gain, with a bit of variation depending on where hikers start. It is said to be a moderate hike to the top, with few technical challenges other than the altitude. But, according to the article linked to above, there is no established trail along the northwest ridge, providing a unique challenge for trekkers.

Culebra isn’t the only mountain on the ranch property either. There are also 18 “13ers” on the property as well, providing plenty of alpine real estate to explore. The owners of the property can dictate access to this backcountry paradise, with the current owner charging $150 for permits to summit Culebra in groups of as many as 25 people.

As you can probably imagine, this land won’t come cheap. Cielo Vista has been on the market for nearly a year and a half, and so far there haven’t been any takers. Recently however, there has been some interest as commercial developers begin eyeing the land. So what is the asking price? This Colorado mountain paradise can be yours for a cool $105 million.

Kraig Becker