Australian Adventurer to Trek Tropic of Capricorn Across South America

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An Australian adventurer is preparing to set out on a journey across South America following the Tropic of Capricorn from the Pacific Ocean in Chile to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The trek will take him through the Andes, across the Atacama Desert, as he covers more than 4000 km (2485 miles) along the way.

Andrew Harper will set out on the trek starting on October 1. He expects that it will take him approximately six months to finish the expedition, which he is undertaking to raise funds and awareness of muscular dystrophy. He’ll follow the Tropic of Capricorn the entire way, passing through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil while en route.

Despite the long distance and massive undertaking, Harper says that this route will be much more “suburban” compared to his previous Tropic of Capricorn expedition. Back in 1999, he followed that same line as he traveled on foot across Australia. That journey took him deep into the heart of the continent and through massive deserts, far from civilization. This time out, he says he’ll mostly follow roads and will often find himself close to towns and cities.

Still, the trek won’t be an easy one. He’ll carry all of his gear and supplies behind him in cart, even as he wanders up the Andes to an altitude of 4680 meters (15,354 ft). On his previous journey across Australia, he used camels as pack animals, but this time he’ll have to lug all of the supplies himself. That will make it a decidedly different experience, even if he is sticking closer to civilization.

You’ll be able to follow Andrew’s travels on his Facebook page, which will be updated throughout the journey. You can also learn more about the expedition on his website.

Big thanks to my friend Louis-Phillippe Loncke for sharing this story. 

Kraig Becker