Outside Picks the Most Innovative Gear of 2017 (So Far!)

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The outdoor industry often moves at a rapid pace, introducing new gear that is better, lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly than what we’ve used in the past. In fact, over the past few years, it seems like we’ve seen some true breakthroughs that have made a big difference in how our gear is made and how well it performs. With that in mind, Outside magazine has taken a look at what they see as the most innovative gear of 2017, with some truly interesting products making the cut.

You’ll find a little of everything on this list, ranging from gear for skiers and cyclists to runners and surfers too. Some of the gear that earns a spot on Outside’s “most innovative” run down include Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Jacket, which is almost entirely of recycled materials, and Altra’s Torin IQ running shoes, which has embedded sensors to track all kinds of data about our running styles. There is even a smartwatch from Samsung on the list, as well as a versatile backpack from The North Face.

Were I picking my most innovative gear of the year, I would probably add a few more gadgets to the list. For instance, recently I’ve been testing the Gnarbox, which is a mobile editing station for photos and video, that was built for the backcountry. It’s a pretty handy device for those of us who live on the road quite a lot. I’ve also been impressed with some of the high-tech lanterns that have come out of the outdoor industry as well, many of which not only provide light for the campsite, but do a host of other things too.

To check out the rest of Outside’s most innovative list, click here.

Kraig Becker