Video: Heading North with a Team of Adventure Photographers

The German Roamers are a team of professional adventure photographers who joined together back in 2015 to share their work and explore remote parts of the planet together. In June of 2017, they traveled across Canada and Alaska, covering some 3000 km (1865 miles) through rugged wilderness along the way. This video takes us along for the ride, as they explore the Yukon, capturing some amazing images along the way.

Facing the North. from Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Heading North with a Team of Adventure Photographers”

  1. Kinda strange to have this 100% promotional videos for a car.
    To me adventure is when someone plans something and uses a sponsors like a car.
    Here, it feels more Mercedes paid a bunch of young fellows with beard (as it always feels they're adventurous with a beard) and ask them to drive and shoot a film to promote the Mercedes. Same with Mike Horn a few days ago in the Simpson desert. Not an adventure, just a trip with 5 differents Mercedes 4WD to shoot film and later blog about it, using Mike as medium to share. It feels in brief these videos are like the Influencers-Instagrammers traveling the world and shooting photos (to make money) and pretending what they saw (superb, scenic landscape) was just coincidence where we all know what they see usually is a few yard or perhaps up to a mile away from a sealed road.
    i miss authenticity, I miss the error, I miss the accidental shot that is no so great but with a real not scripted story.

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