Dave Cornthwaite Completes Expedition Norway – 1240 Miles by Water Bike

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British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite has wrapped up yet another leg in his Expedition 1000 project by completing a 1240 mile (1995 km) journey along the coast of Norway by water bike. The appropriately named Expedition Norway began nine weeks ago, and was completed just yesterday when Dave reached Bergen.

This expedition started in Kirkenes and followed an old shipping and ferry route that has been used for more than 124 year. Dave says his path took him into tiny fishing villages, past remote beaches, and along stretches of the Norwegian coast seldom visited by man.

Exploring those sections of the coastline by water bike must have been interesting and physically demanding. A water bike is the mash-up of a bicycle and a watercraft, allowing the rider to pedal his or her way along the surface. They aren’t especially fast, nor easy to pedal, but they can be a lot of fun. I can’t attest to how “fun” they are after a few hundred miles though.

This was the 14th leg of Dave’s Expedition 1000 endeavor. The goal of that project is to complete 25 individual journeys of 1000 miles or more using non-motorized transport. Other legs of the have included stand-up paddleboarding the length of the Mississippi River, skateboarding across Australia, and taking a Hobie Kayak from Oslo to Helsinki. Now past the halfway point of this venture, it’ll be interesting to see what he come’s up with next.

To get a sense of what it was like for Dave out on the water, checkout the highlight reel from his trip below. You’ll see what it was like to pedal the water bike, while meeting wonderful Norwegian people and taking in the landscapes.

Kraig Becker