Outside Mag’s 10 Basic Rules for Adventure

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Outside Magazine has posted another interesting article, this time taking a look at what it calls the 10 Basic Rules for Adventure. This series of guidelines comes our way courtesy of Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad fame, and are designed to not only keep us safe in our outdoor pursuits, but prevent us from losing friends along the way too.

As usual, I won’t spoil the whole list, as there is a lot of wisdom and humor to be had by reading it for yourself. But, amongst the top 10 rules to remember when heading outdoors are “avoid getting lost” and “avoid crater encounters.” Those probably seem like basic tenets that everyone exploring the outdoors should already understand and know, but each year hundreds of people get stranded in the backcountry and need to be rescued, or have a chance encounter with the local wildlife that ends badly. In other words, its always good to have a reminder of how we should behave when we’re on an outdoor adventure.

Each of the entries on the list includes a brief description of why it is important, as well as a story or two to back up the reasoning behind it. For instance, under rule #3 – “Avoid Just Hoping Someone Will Find You” – Brendan goes into the Aaron Ralson story as a reminder of what can happen when you’re all alone in a remote area, in trouble, and no one really knows where you are.

There is plenty of other sagely advice to be had from the article as well, not the least of which is “avoid ending friendships out there” and “don’t be afraid to bail.” No outdoor adventure is worth your life, and it isn’t worth losing friends over as well. Come home safe, happy, and with all of your limbs intact.

Read the entire story here.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “<em>Outside</em> Mag’s 10 Basic Rules for Adventure”

  1. What a great list of rules! I've just been at a lovely three-day staged trail run this past weekend. We were blessed with perfect weather – but it isn't always so in the mountains. So many runners without their compulsory gear (basics like a rain jacket and thermal top). It's all fine to skimp when conditions are great and you're uninjured but it puts other people at risk too when conditions deteriorate and even in the case of a twisted ankle.

    These rules hold true for bigger adventures as well as supported activities like organised events and people would do well to remember these.

  2. Brilliant article – Smart, practical and sound advice. Well and amusingly written. His "10 rules" should be tattooed on the insides of the eyelids of anyone who goes off on an "Adventure"

  3. Basic outdoor rules. This has nothing to do with adventure. The author uses adventure instead of outdoor trip. You learn these rules at the scouts at 8 years old. Seriously. The first rule, don't die?? Zero people going to the outdoors wanna commit suicide.

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