Video: Follow Through – Skiing the Wasatch with Caroline Gleich

When Caroline Gleich first announced she wanted to ski the 90 big mountain routes in Utah’s Wasatch Range, she was laughed at and dismissed. She was 16 at the time and had just begun dreaming of backcountry adventures. But, over the years she built up her skills, gained confidence, and began taking on those mountains. Now, she’s living the adventurous life she’s wanted, despite becoming a polarizing figure on social media. In this video, you’ll learn about her journey and witness first hand some of the harassment she has received, even as she travels deep into remote areas in pursuit of her dream. The 20+ minute short film, which comes are way via REI, is inspiring and infuriating at the same time. Kudos to Gleich for being able to stay focused and pursue her passions. We should all be so fortunate.

Kraig Becker