American Adventurer Crossing Patagonia Solo on Horseback

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Patagonia is a truly magical place. Wildly beautiful, remote, and largely untamed, it remains one of the last great frontiers on our planet. It is also a favorite destination for adventure travelers and explorers alike in no small part because it is such a rugged environment. That is exactly what drew American adventurer Stevie Anna to Argentina as she sets out to cross Patagonia solo on horseback.

Stevie, who hails from Midland, Texas just embarked on what she calls the Patagone Expedition, during which she will travel  1000 miles (1600 km) north-to-south across the Patagonia landscape. With her she’ll take her dog Darcie and two Criollo horses, the national breed of Argentina, which are known for both speed and endurance.

But, this isn’t a journey about speed. Stevie plans to take her time, exploring as much of her route as possible, while soaking up the local culture and enjoying the journey more than the eventual destination. She revels in the idea of slow travel, which is why she has elected to cover the distance on horseback.

The Patagone Expedition began on November 3, and so far there haven’t been any updates on Stevie’s progress. She promises to post photos and videos from her travels on Instagram and Facebook when she finds a reasonable Internet connection. Those could be few and far between where she is headed, but the stories she has to share should be good ones. Be sure to follow here social media outlets to stay updated on her adventure.

Having done some travel by horseback myself, I can definitely see the appeal. It is a wonderful way to explore an environment, especially for someone who has as much experience on horses as Stevie Anna does. She’s been riding since she was child, which makes this mode of transportation a natural one for her.

Thanks to Expedition News for tipping me off on this story.

Kraig Becker