Nat Geo Picks the Top Travel Destinations for 2018

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Starting to make plans for where you want to travel in 2018? Still looking for some suggestions on where to go? National Geographic is here to help, offering up 21 destinations for some big adventures in the New Year.

Nat Geo’s list includes some places you are no doubt familiar with, and others that will be completely new. Each entry includes a brief explanation of why now is the time to go, cluing readers in on what makes these destinations special. The National Geographic editors have also included a “fun fact” about each place as well, offering a nugget of information that is good for stirring the imagination. This being Nat Geo, there are plenty of great photos too of course.

Some of the places that make the cut for top travel destinations for 2018 include perennial favorites like Sydney, Australia; Vienna, Austria, and the North Shore on Ohau in Hawaii. But some of the more lesser known destinations include Madagascar; Tetouan, Morocco, and Seoraksan National Park in South Korea.

Beyond that, I won’t give too much else away, as a major part of the fun of this type of list is discovering the places for yourself. Needless to say, you’ll find a good mix of modern and rustic places to visit, with spots that remain complete wild and off the beaten path, mixed in with the familiar and well-trodden. Each has their own charms and plenty to offer adventurous travelers.

Read the entire story here and start planning your next major getaway.

Kraig Becker