New Documentary Le Ride Recreates Grueling 1928 Tour de France


If you’re looking for something to do tonight, why not check to see if a new documentary called Le Ride is playing in your area. The film is debuting in theaters across the U.S. this evening, and promises to be quite an enthralling experience for cyclists and fans of the Tour de France.

For those who don’t know, Le Ride sends two cyclists – Phil Keoghan of Amazing Race fame and Ben Cornell – off on an epic bike ride around France as they attempt to follow the same route as the 1928 Tour. That race covered 3338 miles (5371 km) in 22 stages, spread out over 26 days. Thats roughly a thousand miles (1600 km) longer than the current race, in roughly the same number of stages.

To make things even more challenging for themselves, Phil and Ben rode vintage bikes from the era and even in vintage clothing as well. This route would be incredibly difficult on a modern bike, let alone one that lacks the technology and components of today.

One of the toughest stages sent the two men up the Col du Tourmalet, one of the most legendary climbs in Tour de France history. That stage was more than 225 miles (362 km) in length and it took 18 hours for the winner to complete it back in 1928. Phil and Ben spent nearly a full 24-hour period attempting to ride it themselves.

The film is showing in my neighborhood tonight, but unfortunately I have a prior commitment. I’m looking forward to catching it at a later time however, as it looks fascinating. Check out the full trailer below.

Kraig Becker