Want to Become a Polar Explorer? Apply for this Scholarship to Learn From Eric Larsen!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been writing extensively about the unfolding expedition season down in Antarctica. As I write this, adventurous men and women are making their way across the frozen continent on skis while pulling sleds filled with supplies and gear behind them as they go.

Some are headed to the South Pole, other are traversing to different places, but they are all crossing one of the most dramatic, demanding, and spectacular wildernesses on the planet. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing that same thing, then I definitely have a tip for you.

In January of 2018, polar explorer Eric Larsen will be conducting a Level 1 Polar Training course to help others follow in his footsteps. The course will be held on Lake Winnipeg in Canada and will consist of a week of intense training that will help you to become more adept at winter travel or even prepare you for your own journey to the North or South Pole.

The course will consist of three days of indoor training, which in turn leads to four days of practical experience out in the field. Students will actually embark on a traverse around Lake Winnipeg in conditions that will replicate those found near the poles. They’ll travel on skis, pull their sleds, sleep in tents, and learn every aspect of what it is like to survive in arctic conditions.

If this sounds like your kind of adventure, you can actually apply for a scholarship to attend the program. Allied Feather & Down and Helly Hansen have teamed up to give one lucky recipient the chance to travel to Lake Winnipeg to take part in the course, which is taught by Eric himself. The scholarship covers all the costs, including required gear, travel expenses, course fees, and more.

You can find out a lot more about the training program – including a full itinerary – by clicking here. And if this sounds like something you’d like to take part in, you can apply for the scholarship by clicking here.

If you’ve ever had dreams of skiing to the South Pole but weren’t sure how to get your expedition off the ground, this course will certainly put you on track. You’ll not only come away with some valuable skills for use in polar conditions, you’ll also get the chance to learn from a guy who has spent a lot of time in very cold places.

This will be the chance of a lifetime for some lucky adventurer and I’ll definitely be jealous of whomever gets the opportunity.

Find out more here.

Kraig Becker