More Travel Destinations for 2018

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With the start of the new year, many of us are looking ahead at 2018 to decide where we want to go and what we want to do. After all, its a long 12 months ahead and there is plenty to accomplish before the year is through. Yesterday, I shared The New York Times selection of 52 places to go in 2018, and today I have a few more suggestions from two other publications worth looking at.

First up, Luxury Travel Magazine has produced its list of recommendation destinations for the New Year as well, and while most of them don’t fall under the “adventure” category, they do have a top ten list dedicated specifically to our favorite type of travel. In fact, the editors have picked 10 Adventure Experiences You Can’t Miss in 2018, with some very nice options for those looking to do something a little different this year.

A few of the items that make the cut include sailing on an Arctic safari, trekking through the hidden valleys of Dolpa in Nepal, and exploring the Atacama Desert in Chile, which happens to be amongst my favorite destinations. Other items include visits to a rhino sanctuary and staying in a lodge in the Amazon Basin.

Not to be outdone, Men’s Journal has also produced a list of recommended destinations for 2018, and while it is a bit more modest in size, it offers some great options nevertheless. The five places that earned a mention with the magazine include Malta, the Republic of Georgia, Zambia, Kalimantan (in Indonesia), and The Arctic. Each of which would make a fine place to go on an adventure.

It is interesting to see the Arctic pop up on these lists. As climate change makes these places more accessible, more and more adventure travel companies are offering opportunities to go there. I’ve been sharing it on similar list that I’ve written for the past few years, but in my case it was usually last-degree ski journeys to the North Pole or something similar. But, the Arctic is opening up for more tourists, for good or ill, and that will no doubt have an impact on the region to some degree.

So, after reading all of these suggestions in recent days, have you started making your travel plans yet?

Kraig Becker