Popular Mechanics Takes a Look at the 7 Tallest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

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With all 14 8000-meter peaks conquered, the Seven Summits subdued, and countless other peaks routinely climbed on a regular basis, it is easy to forget that there are also plenty of mountains out there that have yet to be summited. In fact, there are quite a collection of extremely difficult challenges left for ambitious mountaineers, and in a recent article, Popular Mechanics takes a look at a few of them.
In this article, Pop Mech surveys the 7 tallest unclimbed peaks on the planet, giving us a brief description of what makes them so challenging. The mountains that make up the list are mostly found  across the Himalaya in Tibet, Pakistan, India, and Bhutan. The lone exception is Mount Siple in Antarctica, which isn’t actually all that tall, standing just 3109 meters (10,203 ft). So why is it even on this list at all? That’s a good question, although its incredibly remote nature does make it an intriguing possibility for any alpinists.

The tallest mountain on the list is the famed Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan, which stands an impressive 7570 meters (24,836 ft) in height. But, the Bhutanese government has banned climbing on the mountain, which means it could remain off limits and unclimbed for a long time to come.

I’ll leave the rest of the list for you to discover. There are five other very interesting mountaineering challenges to ponder, with a photo of each as well. If you happen to be looking for a climbing project, any one of these mountains will likely keep you busy for years to come. Check out the entire collection here.

Kraig Becker