The New York Times Presents 52 Places to Go in 2018

Chiribiquete view

If you’re still thinking about your travel plans for 2018, why not let the “paper of record” help out? The New York Times has created a list of 52 places to go in 2018, and it is filled with some wonderful suggestions on place to travel throughout the next year.

As you can imagine with a list of this size, the destinations vary greatly in type and location. For instance, the first few entires on the list include New Orleans, Colombia, and Basilicata in Italy. The recommendations vary in size from a single, small location, to an entire region, such as the Caribbean. All of the suggestions come with a description of what makes it a compelling place to visit, along with links to where you can find out more about the place.

The Times has done a nice job of curating a list of unique destinations to visit in 2018 and they have gone to great lengths to use multimedia assets to bring those places to life as you read about them. But, the slick website they’ve used to deliver the information is also a but cumbersome and overly produced, which can cause some slowdowns and pauses while scrolling through. I found myself having to wait for animated images and text to load from time to time, which is more annoying than anything else. The end result is a pretty nifty list of places to go and things to do that should keep most travelers busy for a lifetime.

Check out the entire list/multimedia experience here.

Kraig Becker