Volvo Ocean Race Team Witnesses Rare Whale Encounter on Stage 4

We’ve been following the Volvo Ocean Race closely since it first started back in October, and currently the ships are en route to Hong Kong on the 4th stage of the round-the-world race. Currently, the teams are locked in a tight formation with just 12 miles separating them as they pass through the doldrums on the Indian Ocean on their way to the next stage finish. That’s a far cry from the difficulties they faced in the Southern Ocean just a few short weeks back.

But perhaps the most interesting and exciting news isn’t about the competition at all – at least not directly. A few days back, Team Vestas 11 Hour Racing had quite an encounter at sea, and they managed to capture it on the video you’ll find below.

The clip was shot by Amory Ross, a reporter who is currently embedded with the crew. Using a drone, he was able to capture footage of a whale feeding frenzy just off the coast of the Solomon Islands. The sight is so rare, that whale researchers have already contacted Vestas to see if they can study the footage for future research. If you look closely, you’ll even be able to spot sharks in the water too.

This is a good reminder that while the VOR is a competition that spans the globe, the teams also have some amazing encounters along the way. To check out this rare site, watch the video below.

Kraig Becker